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Kids Kick Scooter

The market for kids’ toys has boomed over the past years. Today, there is a wide variety of play equipment for your child, from toy robots to handheld video games. These coming holidays, however, get your child a gift that does not depend on batteries just to work and make your child happy. One of the classic family neighborhood mainstays, kids kick scooters are still one of the best options for your child. Affordable and highly durable, the scooter (which comes from Razor and Micro) is not only for play, but will help your little kid hop from one play ground to another, easily and in style.


Gets your kid moving: One of the problems that parents face in the twenty first century is home bound children who are replacing healthy interactions with the neighborhood with television and video games. Instead of letting your child make a lair out of the living room couch, get him outdoors and playing with kids his own age with the help of kick scooters. Fun and easy to use, the scooter is sure to fit well with any child’s personality. If you think your child is a bit too shy for his age, get him playing with others with the scooter that he can show around and let his friends try out.Kick scooters for children come in Red, Blue, Pink, Orange, Clear and numerous other colors meaning there is something for everyone.

Worry free play: Unlike the fancy and battery operated toy robots and video games, these scooters are built with highly durably materials that will withstand pebbles, dirt, and stones. Whether for scooting around the sidewalk pavement or for rushing into school, this scooter is one item less on your mind. Not only is it sturdy and tough, but it is also very easy to assemble. It will only take you and your kid a few minutes to get the kit up and running, from out of the box to out in the neighborhood. The clutter free assembly package ensures that you will not have to end up worrying about where this or that nut and bolt has to into.

lNo need to fall: Specifically designed for children three years and older, these kick scooters come with two rear wheels that makes stable maneuvering very easy even for your small child. With the two rear end caster wheels, the scooter will aid your child in developing his coordination, without the unnecessary falls and bumps, as well as bruised elbows and knees. Even the foot deck has been designed to ensure that the child can safely jump into the scooter without any difficulty.

A range of models are available, some of the most popular models in recent times include the Razor A Kick Scooter, Mini Scooter, Kiddie Kick Scooter, Pro model, Cruiser, A2, A3, Powerwing, Micro Bullet, Carver and many more.

Other scooter accessories available: Check out the various other safety gear that you can add to the kids scooter, if you want to make sure that your child is at the topmost level of safety. There are kheepads and shoulder pads, as well as kiddie gloves and helmets from the same line of scooters that are specifically designed for a child’s body. Having fun while travelling around the lots in your home neighborhood has never been this fun, convenient and safe for parents and their children. So go ahead, expand your child’s horizon, and his playing field with a kids kick scooter.





The MLITER, baby food maker, is made of BPA, lead and phthalate-free materials and is also

FDA approved so you can confidently use it without worrying about your baby’s safety.

The food processor features an anti-dry function which automatically switches off when the

water reservoir is empty.

The multi-purpose food maker offers functions that will make any mum or dad happy.

You not only get to steam, blend, defrost or reheat your baby’s food but you can also

sterilize your baby’s bottles and pacifiers.


BabyMoov Bebedelice your baby food maker, because it Sterilises, Blends, cooks, reheats

& defrosts, and can be used as a bottle warmer.  So lets review and show you how to

The Bebedelice is a Five function Baby food processor that in just one unit offers families

the option to Cook fresh or frozen foods, Blend, Reheat bottles and small baby food

jars, Sterilise bottles and defrost food and breastmilk for baby.  You have two processing

sections here and here.  This side is purely used as the baby food blender and the other

is where you cook, sterilise, warm and defrost.

The control buttons are really simple as you have one control knob and one power button.

You have two levels of cooking OR, you turn the knob the opposite way to blend.  You

also have a hidden drawer under the base to tidy away the measuring cup and airtight lid.

There is also a cord winder at the base for easier storage.

A quick rundown on how to use the Bebedelice: To sterilise babies bottle just add 90ml of

water to the the bottom of the tank after you have removed the cooking basket and the

container but leave the insulation plate in the base of the unit, add your bottle (upside-down)

and bits.  Place the hood on the appliance and push into place you want to turn the controls

to position 3 hit the power button and in 9mins the visual and audio alarm will buzz.

When your wanting to heat the baby bottles & baby food jars just follow the exact same

as sterilising a bottle by removing the cooking basket and container but leave the insulation

plate in the bottom.  follow the guide on the back of the unit as to how much water

to add according to jar or bottle your heating, your going to switch control button to position

2 this time. and hit your power button and It should warm good in around 11 mins, reheats

jars in 4 mins and defrosts in around 9 mins.

The Bebedelice cooks & defrosts frozen baby food by the baby food steamer. to cook chop

up your food, add in the recommended water for the food your cooking.  Place steamer

basket and container full of food into the bebedelice and push the hood into place.  And

your going to put that into position 3 and press your power button.  again your going

to hear that audio and visual alarm once its cooked.

Once its done you can remove the hood, you grab your tongs and clip them into the slot

in the basket to remove it as its really hot and you can transfer the cooked contents over

to the mixing bowl or if your doing baby lead weaning you can remove the food and set aside.


A great feature is the juice collector tray which you can tip all the good cooking juices

back into the cooked food so all the vitamins and nutrients are not lost.

so now you’ve got your baby food blender screw on the lid for the mixing bowl (which

is airtight, and your going to slot it into the bebedelice in the blender slot.  it locks

into place with a twist. Then it will Blend the cooked food in pulses

no longer that 10seconds,  by turning the control dial the other way while you have

the power button on.

You can Preserve the blended food inside the mixing bowl because it has a lid for storage

or you or you can feed directly out of the mixing bowl.

Its simple to clean just use a damp cloth on the unit but all the detachable pieces

can be hand washed in hot soapy water or in the dishwasher.

Things to like – A great alternative than using your microwave

for heating and cooking for baby – its very easy to use, non complicated buttons

or switches and its fast. – suitable to use from birth

– It does a lot compared to other food baby cooking devices on the market.

– I like that it does collect the cooking juices so you can pour that straight back

into the food for baby. -It was easy to pull apart and clean.

-its really great to defrost your frozen breastmilk safely.

-and includes a convenient recipe book for ideas on some great homemade baby food recipes.

Things to consider -The size of the baby food steamer is good

for around 2-4 baby sized portions so could mean multiple cycles if you like to cook in

bulk. – you can only sterilise ONE baby bottle at

a time and depending on the shape and size of the bottles means you might not be able

to sterilise all the bits like the teat or lid.

– The blender only likes to be used in bursts so it can take, a bit to completely puree

the contents if your wanting it super smooth.

And that’s our review of the bebedelice, a, multifunction, convenient baby food maker.

Now its your turn, If the BabyMoove Bebedelice has tweaked your interest and you want to

know more, like where you can buy one from click on the link now.

I’m Kristy from RARRB, and I love testing out baby products to save you money and time

& make better buying decisions for baby. thanks for watching & if you want to know more about

other baby products, subscribe to our channel so you get notified when we release new videos

& like of share this video so we know you want to see more from us.





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